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Customer service: Where every service turns into satisfaction
Karatanova Tours is based on flawless delivery of services where every action turns into a positive customer satisfaction. Our Customer Service Quality team monitors, responds and effectively manages the Voice of our customers, industry partners and holiday makers across the tour value chain of Pre-tour, On-tour and Post-tour queries.
Proactive to every demand, we pay attention to every single detail, protect and keep our traveller’s interest as we understand every customer’s dream is the foundation of our business.
Satisfied Customer Is The Best Business Strategy!

Our Vison
A customer centric organization creating innovative programs, approaching new markets by bringing values of trust, safety, reliability and sustainability balancing the quality and the cost towards the customers.

Our Mission
To become number one largest DMC with best service, industry expertise, driven by knowledge, creating innovative products and a dedicated team who bring smiles to Customers, Industry Partners, Employees, and Investors.

Karatanova Tours started in 2003 as tour operator for specialized Balkan Trips, inspired by the knowledge about the needs of the Dutch customer and the knowledge about the culture, history, politics and geography of the Balkan countries. This enabled the company to create and execute tailor-made programs with good price-quality ratios. Karatanova Tours distinguishes itself on a number of points from the other travel organization. As an intermediary with high-quality journeys, with a high degree of flexibility in the destination for the major Dutch tour operators, as a B2B partner.

Our Values

The people of KTM are our most valuable asset. We believe that the strength of our company lies in the strength of our people. We pursue diversity and we value the ambition and eagerness for knowledge, change and challenge. Visionaries, Professionals and Leaders are who we are and who we seek.

We are the experts in our fields. Trough continuously investing, gaining and expending knowledge, we are creating new initiatives and ideas. Enabling us to be the creators of constant and growing knowledge.

We are the game changers – that makes a difference. Being open-minded and using our power of creative imagination, enables us to solve diffrent challenges. The only constant in life is change and we believe that in order to stay relevant we must constantly improve with society’s changing needs.

We are proactive and energetic – we are the winners. We represent achievements, progress and success. By using our strength and ambition to push forward we are growing and rapidly expanding our company.

Excellence is our standard and not a goal. We constantly delivering outstanding quality, value and insight to each client. We perform and deliver more than is expected – it is the KTM way.